Learn How To Patch The Vinyl Top On A Convertible

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If your convertible's vinyl top has a small tear in it, you can easily patch it with the following steps. The completed repair will prevent moisture from penetrating the vinyl and damaging the interior of your vehicle.  

Use The Following Items

Measure The Tear And Seal It With Vinyl Tape And Epoxy

Secure the tear from the interior side of the convertible top by inserting a safety pin through each end of the damaged fabric. Measure the length of the tear from the inside of your vehicle and cut a piece of vinyl tape that is the same measurement. Carefully apply the tape over the damaged area. Place a tube of epoxy sealant in a caulking gun. Apply a thin, even line of sealant over the exterior side of the tear by squeezing the gun's trigger. Smooth out the epoxy with a putty knife. Wait for the sealant to dry. This may take a couple hours.

Apply Marine Tape And Seal The Edges

Cut a piece of marine tape that is long enough to cover the tear and place it over the dry epoxy. Secure the edges of the tape by applying a thin line of epoxy sealant across each one. Smooth out the sealant with a putty knife. The sealant will help hold the marine tape in place when it is exposed to moisture. It will not shrink or crack after being exposed to rainy or windy conditions.

Carefully peel off the vinyl tape and remove the safety pins that are on the interior side of the convertible top. Trim any ragged threads around the previously damaged area with a pair of scissors.

Maintain The Repair

The patched area will remain intact as long as you do not apply a lot of pressure to it or use abrasive cleaning materials when removing dirt from its surface. Spray vinyl cleaner on soiled areas and allow it to penetrate for several minutes. Use a nylon brush to assist with removing debris. Rinse the top off well with a water hose. Use a soft cloth to pat the vinyl material until it feels dry.

Park your vehicle in a garage or underneath a carport whenever it is possible to prevent additional damage to the convertible top and to protect the material from becoming discolored. All of these steps will keep the vinyl top protected and will assist with lengthening its life. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Fred's Auto Interiors.