Replacing And Repainting Your Fender

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If you have messed up the fender on your car and it needs to be replaced, you may be able to take on the job yourself. As long as you have access to the right tools, you may find the job is easier than you would have thought. This article will provide you with instructions on replacing your fender yourself.

Find a replacement fender

The first step in replacing your fender is to locate a matching one. You can find them online or at a junk yard for a good price. If your car is a special edition, consider this when finding a fender, it may have a slightly different shape than the regular model. Don't worry about the color of the replacement fender, you're going to have to have it repainted to match your car perfectly anyway. You can also get a brand new replacement fender directly from the dealer.

Remove the current fender

The first thing you need to do to replace the fender is to remove the old one. Fenders differ with regard to how they are removed. Pay attention to where the fasteners are and in what order you remove such parts as the grill, lights, antenna and bumper. If the hood hinge is bolted inside the fender, you'll need to keep the hood open while you remove the fastener. Remove any trim from the fender you want to put on the new one.

Put the new fender on

If you are going to be painting the fender yourself, you want to paint it before you put it on the car. You can find the paint code for your car in the trunk lid or door jam. Prime the fender with a good rust-proof primer. Once it has dried, you are going to lightly sand it so the paint adheres better. Then, paint at least two coats of paint on the fender. 

Once it has completely dried, the new fender is going to go on the same way the old one came off. If your fasteners are still in good shape, then reuse them. The last thing will be to put the trim and emblems on the replacement fender.

If you are in doubt about your ability to replace or paint the new fender, it's best for you to take the car in to an auto body shop. This way, you know it will be done correctly and your car will be as good as new. For more information, contact an auto body repair service like Custom Kar Tops.