How To Fix A Dent In Your Car

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A dent on the side of your car needs to be repaired immediately before the dent negatively impacts the body of the car. A dent left untouched can begin to chip the paint of the vehicle and cause imperfections in the side panels that cannot be simply buffed out. If you have a minor dent on the side of the car it can be fixed using simple household items that many people have stored in the garage. Here is a step-by-step set of instructions to show you how to fix a dent using a deflated football and an air pump.

1 – Take the football and let all the air out of it. You may need to apply pressure to the ball to remove any air that is stuck inside by sitting on the ball 

2 – Slide the deflated football into the body of the car, behind where the dent is located. Make sure that the deflated ball is placed directly behind the dent with the pin connector for the football accessible.

3 – Connect the football to an air pump and then connect the air pump to the electrical outlet. Turn the air pump on at low speed and watch the air slowly begin to inflate the football.

4 – While the ball is inflating take a soft rag and place it over the dent and apply a tiny bit of pressure to prevent the dent from popping out quickly. Allow the ball to inflate and the dent to slowly return to the original shape of the auto body.

5 - When the dent is fully out, quickly turn off the power from the air pump and disconnect it from the football. Begin to deflate the air from the football until you can safely slide it out from under the panel of the vehicle.

6 – Polish the panel of the car where the dent was located using a clean soft rag and auto body polish that you can get from most auto body shops. When you are done the dent should not be visible on the side of the car and should be almost invisible.

If you have a large dent on the side of the car you will need the help of a professional auto body shop that can take apart the panels of the car and use their industrial tools to return the panel to its original form or replace it.