How You Can Return Your Car's Finish To Showroom Condition

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Many drivers wonder why their car's finish suddenly has swirling marks in it, despite their efforts to care for it. You may see etching in the paint's finish that is caused by bugs when you hit them on the highway. Bird's droppings can also cause etching on your car's finish. If your car is parked outdoors, rain can leave water marks on your paint as well. If you are trying to get back your car's look when it was new, check out how you can do so.

Machine Polishing Is The Way To Go

When your car was initially painted at the manufacturer, the first coat was a primer that prepared the surface for the second layer, the color coat. A clear coat is the third and last layer over your car's paint color. Clear coat is put on to protect your car's paint and to add a glossy sheen. The swirling or etching marks you see on your car's finish is usually only the clear coat. In some cases, a scratch can be as far down as the color coat. By taking your car to a professional that offers machine polishing, the scratches you see will be polished out. Machine polishing works to remove microscopic pieces of the clear coat for removing the marks. Marks that are as far down as the color coat can be diminished to such a small size, they are no longer visible to the naked eye.

Special Cleaners And Polishes Make A Big Difference

Car wax and car polish are not the same product, polish being used when you choose professional machine polishing for your car's finish. Car wax is usually carnauba wax blended with various ingredients like solvents and silicone. Wax is meant to fill in scratches as temporary fix. Car polish contain special abrasives designed to rub out scratches. When used in combination with machine polishing, car polish can produce results that will leave your car's finish looking brand new. Bear in mind that waxing after professional polishing will help your polished finish look great for longer.

Avoid Polishing Services That Are Not Highly Skilled And Experienced

If you take your car to a machine polishing service that does use only the highest quality polishes and employs only skilled and experienced polishers, the finish on your car can be taken down too low. If this happens, you will end up needing a complete paint job. An unskilled employ can also leave marks from the machine polisher as well. For these reasons, being picky about the person you let machine polish your car is extremely important.

Caring for your car's finish not only helps it look great, it also increases its value. Locating a machine polishing professional you can count on for major paint correction services is a great investment. To learn more, contact a company like Touch of Perfection.