Two Tips For Caring For Your Car's Exterior

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When it comes to caring for a car, many people will make the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on the mechanical parts of the vehicle. However, this can leave the exterior of the car vulnerable to some fairly routine sources of damage. Damage to the auto body can be both unsightly as well as performance compromising, but it is common for new car owners to neglect this aspect of auto maintenance. To help you avoid accidentally damaging your car's exterior through neglect, you should make sure to use these two tips.

Always Remove Leaves And Twigs

Over the course of time, leaves, twigs and other pieces of debris can start to gather on the car's exterior. While these may not seem like serious threats to the vehicle, it should be noted that leaves and twigs can release acidic compounds as they decompose. If these compounds come into contact with your vehicle's paint for an extended period of time, discoloration and peeling can occur.

Avoiding this type of damage will require you to regularly remove these materials from the body of your car whenever you notice them. Also, you will want to thoroughly rinse any areas that with leaves or twigs. This might seem excessive, but performing these steps on your car can drastically reduce the amount of wear and tear the vehicle sustains.

Pay Attention To The Wheels

When caring for a car, it is easy for individuals to overlook the need to maintain the wheels. It is possible for dirt and brake dust to start to accumulate on the wheels, and these substances can interfere with the brakes by jamming the calipers or pads. However, you can help to reduce the risks of this problem by making sure to routinely clean your car's wheels. To do this, you will need to apply a special cleaning solution that can easily remove dirt and grime from wheels. These solutions will need to stay in contact with the wheels for several minutes before you rinse them off. While you may need to perform this step several times to fully restore your wheels, it is a small price to pay for reducing the chances of encountering mechanical problems with your vehicle.

Car care can be an extensive topic, and it is common for people to be relatively uninformed about the various steps that are involved with this chore. Making sure that you appreciate the dangers of letting leaves and twigs stay on the car as well as the need to thoroughly clean the wheels will help you to keep your car looking and running great for years to come.

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