Think Your Brakes Are Bad Or Worn? What To Know Now

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If you have a feeling that you have bad brakes or that you may have a braking problem, this is a mechanical concern that you want to be serious about. There are many indications that you can look for that show that the brakes are bad and that there are problems when you need to stop your vehicle. If you are noticing any of the following things, and you worry that you aren't going to be able to stop suddenly, you want to find a brake inspection facility.

Shaking Foot Petal

If you notice a gentle vibration or shaking on the brake petal when you are driving and using it, this may indicate that there is a problem with the brakes and the rotors. If the pads are worn down or worn unevenly, this can cause the vibrations. If the pads are worn so much that metal is pressing against metal when you try to stop, this can cause a lot of shaking.

Different Noises

Many different noises can come from bad brakes. You can hear squealing when you are driving or trying to stop and also a loud grinding or crunching noise. Both indicate that there are problems with the pads, and the grinding and crunching noises indicate the rotors are being bothered—which is a more costly and time consuming expense than just replacing the pads.

Smells of Burning Brakes

You should never have a burning odor coming from your vehicle, and if you are braking a lot or you can recognize an odor that is similar to burning when you let off the brakes, this could mean that the pads are worn very thin, and that the metal is burning what is left of the pads because the metal is so hot from the friction.

Any time that there is a burning odor coming from your vehicle you want to get it in to a car repair service center to make sure that it is safe to drive. There are a lot of risks and hazards that are associated with a vehicle that has bad brakes, and you don't want to drive around knowing that you could be in danger or a risk to others that are on the road. Look for the signs and make sure that you get your brakes inspected regularly, so you can be sure that the pads and the rotors are in good condition and that there is brake fluid.